Regular maintenance is essential for several reasons - safety of you and your family, to save you from costly repairs & preserve the value of your asset. Ask us about the options for lube, standard servicing & full log book services.


Your safety revolves around three main factors - Tyres, Shocks & Brakes… all equally important for obvious reasons. We will be pleased to give you a free safely check to advise you of any maintenance or repairs required on these components.


Research shows that one worn shock absorber can add 2.6 meters to the stopping distance of your vehicle. Unfortunately worn & faulty suspension components are hard for the driver to detect. We will be pleased to give you a free suspension check.


In addition to servicing, brakes, suspension and exhausts we are also able to undertake any other repairs your vehicle may require. Where possible we give full & detailed quotes for all work required so that you are fully aware of what needs doing.


Our aim is to get you back on the road as quickly & cost effectively as we can.